Gaz and Vicky’s Stag and Hen Weekend

It’s Sunday morning and I’ve just spoken to Gaz. It seems that everyone has survived and had a great time. Friends started to arrive on Friday, but the weekend really got going on Saturday morning at the Go Karting centre in Newport. It was great fun. Lots of close racing with a fair bit of bumping and boring. Gaz made it to the final, and his lap times improved during each session. The winner ( whose name I’ve forgotten ) does a few track days in his tricked out Mitsubishi Evo 6, and he was consistently smoother and quicker than everyone. A deserved winner.

After a few hours break we all met up again at the happy gathering for a meal. After this the main party headed off in to town while some of us headed home for a relatively early night. I had a great day out. Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be able to go charter boat fishing tomorrow, as I’m still feeling pretty rough with my URTI.
The dogs gave me a great welcome when I picked them up from Springfield Kennels earlier this morning, and now they are relaxing on the rug. Apparently Madoc whimpered and cried a little at first, but did settle later. Nefyn seemed to take it all in her stride.

I think Chris will be along later to let us know what happened at Centre Parks.

Gaz & Vicky + Madoc Photos


It’s been lovely having Gaz home for a few days. Yesterday Vicky came around in the afternoon & we had a bbq meal outside in the garden in the very welcome warm sunshine. Madoc was a little over-excited, perhaps encouraged by us. Anyway G&V stayed overnight then,this morning, they headed off to the boys old flat in Cardiff. Its empty so they’re moving in there for the two months or so that they’re home.

Madoc meanwhile has been exhausted! He slept a lot and showed no interest in his toys until about 4.00 o’clock when he resumed his usual boisterous behaviour! LB & I bbq’d again and ate out in the garden while Madoc chased leaves and other interesting bits of foliage! This time he had no encouragement to overdo things and has now come inside to attack his favourite toy & is full of beans!

Must report improvements on the toileting front although that’s largely due to LB & I being more aware of the signs he wants to go. He does know what weewees are and that he gets a treat if he does them outside the back door. He’s still not happy in his puppy pen but only has a small grumble when we put him in his crate, providing he’s already a bit sleepy. He’s eating well and growing! He’s much more spaniel-like than when we had him and we’re quite surprised at the change in him in just 10 days. He has a lovely temperament, enjoys cuddles, is never nasty and our only problem is that he does not like being brushed or combed. We must work on that as with his thick long coat he’s going to need a lot of grooming. Anyway, we are both absolutely besotted with him. He is gorgeous!

Here are some photos from yesterday – not of Gaz but of Madoc!


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  • Favourite Toy
  • madoc-3
  • Another Roll in the Grass!
  • Chaarge!!
  • Come Here
  • Relax!
  • Time to Play with Daddy
  • A Roll in the Grass
  • Time Out
  • No! You can't fit through there
  • Oooh! Scratch Behind my Ears
  • Expectant

They’re Home.

Gaz and Vicky finally landed safely about 11 pm yesterday evening. They were delayed after spending 7 hours on the tarmac at Bejing waiting for the weather to improve and allow a take off. Apparently there was a massive downpour and 500 or so flights were either delayed or cancelled. The jet lag doesn’t seem to have kicked in yet as far as Gaz is concerned. Vicky is at a wedding and I’m sure she’ll be having a good time. It’s so good to have them back.