Emmy Watching Dumbo

We are lucky to be looking after our granddaughter Emmy one or two days a week. She loves watching the Walt Disney Film ‘ Dumbo ‘. She knows the story from beginning to end, and I love watching her facial expressions as she watches.

A Snowy Day

The weather forecasters certainly got it right. They’ve been talking about heavy overnight snow for a couple of days, and here it is. At first Madoc was a little reluctant to go outside, but with a little encouragement he soon got the hang of it. It was so nice to see him playing like a very young puppy.

Sker Beach

After so much rain recently we were blessed with a cold crisp sunny day so took Madog to Kenfig National Nature Reserve for a walk over the dunes to Sker beach.


It was quite a long walk for Madoc particularly as he travels 3 or 4 times the distance Ian & I do. He did lots of running and chasing as we met loads of other dogs, 90% of which were spaniels of one sort or another. Parts of the route were very wet. This “lake” is actually a very big puddle covering the path and necessitating a diversion over a nearby dune. Needless to say Madoc was wet before we reached the beach


Once there he headed straight for the stream and rock pools where he had a paddle, an accidental swim and indulged in a bit of rock climbing and mussel crunching.



He had a good run around as can be seen from this photo of him and Ian. Between me pressing the shutter and the camera firing he ran out of the picture!


He was just as lively walking back to the car, not missing any chance to paddle in all the muddy and icy puddles. Back home he was dismayed to find himself in the bath before being allowed in the rest of the house where he promptly fell asleep! We’ve had a quiet couple of hours since then!

I took some videos but I’ll let Ian edit and post those later.