…..back in Wales, Nefyn and I have come to Broadhaven for the first weekend of the season. What a lovely weekend it is too with wall to wall sunshine. I spent a pleasant evening playing Bananagrams with Harris and Charlotte last night. The site was pretty empty yesterday but has filled up today. It’s good to see the old faces again but strange having an empty pitch next door instead of Huw and Mel.

I took Nefyn to Marloes beach today as there was a nice low midday spring tide.  I didn’t bother with a commentary on the video but needless to say we had a great time. Nefyn was wild with excitement. I had to put her lead back on to walk down the path as she kept disappearing way ahead of me. On the beach she immediately ran to the water. I walked from one end of the beach to the other while she ran!  At the end she still had the energy to chase her ball which I’d hidden from her till that point.  She had a good sleep afterwards though and a short walk in Broadhaven in the evening.



Progress Report

So far so good I think. They don’t seem to have had any major arguments,,and occasionally play together, with plenty of play bowing from both.
Nefyn seems to have taken well to her crate and her puppy pen. Overnight she’s much easier to manage as she can let us know when she needs to wee or poo. On her first night, she slept from 11pm until 6.30 am, and last night she needed just one trip outside before waking me at 6.30 when she did a wee and a poo the moment I popped her out of the door.