A Trip To The Vet

Today was a big day. Madoc went to the vet to be neutered. We’d known it had to be done from the day we decided to have Nefyn, but even so I think we both felt a little guilty when the actual day arrived.
He’s now safely home and having a well earned rest.


A Week In Broadhaven

We’ve been down in Broadhaven for the past week, and have had a fabulous time. Paul and Viv joined us for the Whitsun Bank Holiday weekend. It was so nice to see that Viv was looking and feeling better than when I last met her.
Our friends and new caravan neighbours Anne and Andy were down for the week, accompanied by Lucy, Freddie and Blossom, and also Becca who joined us for a few days after completing her final exams.
Huw, Mel, Mia and Emmy were in residence next door, and Chris and Tony also turned up for a few days. It really doesn’t get much better, especially as the weather was so kind to us. Other than the Bank Holiday Monday we had pretty much wall to wall sunshine. The wind was pretty brisk, and cool on the skin, but we were able to BBQ every evening, and enjoy several hours on the decking chatting and drinking.

Morgan's, Hodgkins & Evans's

Morgan’s, Hodgkins & Evans’s

Family afternoon on the grass
I was particularly pleased at the way our new BBQ worked, as was Andy. He’d also moved to the dark side and was cooking with gas. An example of how well the gas BBQ’s work was evident on Friday evening when Andy and Anne cooked for us, and Andy did a butterflied leg of lamb. It was superb! Something I must try for myself.
It was great to meet up with my cousin Mike and wife Chris, who also popped down for a short midweek break. They both seemed to be in fine form, and Mike spent most of his time lying on the floor allowing Madoc to crawl over him, and generally lie down on him. They both seemed to be having a good time.
A couple of major firsts were achieved. Emmy took her first steps, and during the week quickly became even more sure footed. Madoc also had his first proper swim in the sea. Both of these events are recorded in the videos below.
Huw was doing his hunter gatherer impression. Having failed at spear fishing, he went air gun hunting with Griffith and when he woke me at 10pm he was excited at the prospect of eating pigeon in pitta bread sometime today.

Back Home

It’s been a busy couple of days. Ian left Broadhaven yesterday morning to give himself time to prepare for his French trip whereas Madoc and I enjoyed another day out with J & Pearl. We had an adventurous day out at Solva. We walked up the headland and down to the far beach, then waded back around to be able to walk back up the river estuary.  We both got wet trousers! The dogs weren’t keen on swimming though both managed without problems. They were glad to be on dry land though! We had a nice lunch outside the Harbour Inn while our trousers dried in the sun.  Back at J’s cottage the dogs were treated to a venison ear each, though Pearl ultimately pinched Madoc’s and we had a scone. J was great. We’d met on a forum but really hit it off in really life.

Here’s yesterday’s video

Anyway it was then time for Madoc & I to come home.  Today we had Emmy. Poor thing wasn’t well and was very clingy. I couldn’t put her down all day. Ian took Madoc for a walk this morning and then set off, mid afternoon, on his Harley. He is off to Brittany for a long weekend with about a dozen GS’ers who happen to ride Harley’s these days.  So Madoc and I will have a quiet weekend together.


It’s a beautiful day, the warmest of the year so far. the tide was out this morning so we walked across the beach to Little Haven. Madoc enjoyed rock pooling but only found some seaweed there.  Paddling in the sea on the way home he came across a dead spider crab. That was much more fun!

Meeting Pearl


We’ve been having a relaxing time here in Broadhaven. We’ve not left the village yet, apart from one shopping trip to Haverfordwest. The beach and the wood have provided plenty of fun for Madoc and we’ve enjoyed the company of Huw & Mel and the kids.

Yesterday though was a bit different. I’m a member of http://www.cockersonline.co.uk/ a website and forum for cocker owners. J, another member and her dog Pearl are holidaying nearby so we arranged to meet up at our van. We immediately set off on a walk so the dogs could get to know each other away from the confines of the caravan. They had a good run through the fields, waded through mud, played in the stream (subtle ploy on our part to get rid of the mud!) and finally chilled back at the van. The wind was quite keen as us humans sat outside with a cup of tea so both dogs had their fleeces on. As it got cooler we moved inside for a chinwag and before we knew it was gone 7.00pm and time to say goodbye. Thanks J, it was great to meet you & Pearl , lovely to all get on so well at our first meeting and more thanks for Madocs chew and our marshmallows 🙂

Incidentally, the new BBQ is a triumph! Not only is it quick, it generates such high temperatures the meat doesn’t dry out while cooking. So far we’ve enjoyed thin cut beef steak, turkey steak and sausages together with jacket spuds cooked in the microwave but crisped up on the Barbie. Huw isn’t convinced though 🙂

Anyway, as usual, here’s a video of our walk and a bit of cocker conversation. If anyone understands cocker and can provide a translation we’d love to hear it


A Walk at Blaise Castle

This morning we met up with some other members of the Cockersonline forum for a walk at Blaise Castle.  It was a first for us in two ways as we knew neither the place or our fellow walkers, however it didn’t take long to feel at home .  The six other Cockers, Jinley,Toby,Mollie,Muppett, Krumble and Pepper were all lovely as were their owners. Madoc made particular friends with Toby, the solid gold dog, he’s a Lujesa cocker, the same as Madoc’s mum, so they might be cousins! Bailey the GSD accompanied us without getting involved at all in the cocker  chaos. We finished off with a cuppa in the cafe before bringing our very tired dog home to sleep away the afternoon!

Making Friends In Cosmeston

While enjoying a walk around Cosmeston in the warm spring sunshine, Madoc started barking at this cairn. Once Chris had introduced the two of them to each other, they became firm friends. Madoc even ate a few treats off him.


Spring in the Woods

Yes, I know I’ve posted lots of videos of Madoc in the woods but it wa beautiful there this morning.  We met hardly any people, the birdsong was loud and melodic and wild flowers were abundant. In places the forest floor was white with wood anemones. Madoc seemed to particularly like these, just look at his tail wag.  The smell of garlic filled the air though this hasn’t flowered yet and we also spotted lots of primroses, violets and the first bluebells.  It was a great start to the day.

Looking After Emmy

Today being Wednesday we’ve been looking after Emmy. As always she’s been delightful, this despite having a temperature and a very runny nose!
We discovered she likes tea, and also she helped reveal Madoc’s talent as a pianist.