A Change of House

On Sunday we said au revoir to Gaz & Vicky and moved out to Nelson Bay to spend our final week with Huw, Mel and the girls.. Huw cooked us a splendid  BBQ when we arrived   The girls were very jet lagged and have been waking at two or three in the morning so a quiet day was in order on Monday. Emmy didn’t want her picture taken so we had a bit of a game of chase.

Ian & I then had an hour or two at one of the many small beaches around. Despite it being peak season it was very quiet. The tourist all crowd into a couple.  Of beaches near the town centre! Unfortunately we forgot a camera but it was idyllic sat under a gum tree on the white sand. A couple of dips in the sea cooled us off nicely.

Today we all met up with Gaz and Dexter at lemon tree Passage. It’s great there for the kids and the first time Mel & Huw had been there. Dexter was a naughty boy, swimming way out after a pelican and then getting covered in mud.

 Emmy loved the playground. After a Gaz & Dexter left we had a lovely lunch in Amalie’s Cafe.

Now time to chill!

Kayaking in Newcastle.

Chris and I fancied a Hobie kayak trip.  We’d seen John when we visited the dog friendly beach next to the Stockton Breakwater.  

A 9am start at the Carrington boat ramp and off we went.  6 of us and John made 7.  

A very pleasant 2 hour trip.  

Last night we’d met up with Huw and had a meal at Diggers.  Huw was in a good mood, but very tired.  

Shed Planning.   

We’ve spent this morning looking at different ways of making a base for Gaz’s shed.  I think we’ve finally come up with a solution that may work.  We just need to run it past Vicky and all being well, we should be all systems go.  

Lunch was in the Birubi cafe overlooking the beach.  

New Years Day.

A bit of a late start following a lovely evening with Colin and Carol, who joined us for a meal.  Gaz cooked beef ribs, which were wonderful, and I did a chicken curry.  Some of Colin’s home brewed beer went down very well, as did a fair quantity of white wine.  All in all a great day.  

New Year’s Day dawned overcast with the promise of rain to come.  Chris and I had an early morning walk on Birubi beach. It was cool and slightly misty and very atmospheric.  There were many others doing the same.  We also saw a truck stuck in the sand.  The guys duf it out, and with the aid of a tow from their friend soon got it going.

The rest of the day passed fairly quietly.  Gaz and Vicky took Dexter to Lemon Tree Passage for a walk, where they met up with a black cocker spaniel and her owner.  The 2 dogs played wonderfully well

We decided to go there again the following day, where they again played to their hearts content.  

In the afternoon we went to the Blackbut reserve over Newcastle way, stopping off for lunch in The Duke of Wellington.  The reserve was well worth the visit.  The animal walk was very informative, and we saw many native species of birds.  

After this Chris and I picked Huw up at the airport and dropped him off at home.  He’d spent the w/e in Melbourne with Rhys.  He’d had a great time and was looking forward to a night off.  

We returned to Medowie and watched Sherlock, before another early night.   

Early Morning Fishing Trip

Up at 4am and off to Birubi beach.  Huw stayed overnight so we set off together.  

We arrived in the dark, but with a hint of light appearing over the sea.  The fishing was hectic for the first hour until the sun was up, but then stopped completely.  During this time we caught several whiting and a sizeable bream.  

As the fishing had dropped off we headed to Soldier Point and fished off the jetty.  Quite a few bites, one good one in particular snapped me off as I tightened the drag to stop it going under the jetty.  

Gaz and I called it a day at 9.30 and headed back.  Huw lasted another half hour or so and then went home.  

Yesterday we’d gone down to Lake Maquarie with Gaz and Vicky and Dexter.  It was delightful by the lakeside, and we found yet another off lead dog exercise area.  

Gaz cooked us superb slow cooked BBQ pork in his souvide machine before an early night in preparation for the early start.  

The boys had made such an effort to give me a good trip, and I was so grateful.  

Boxing Day.

Started early with a walk on Bagnall’s Beach.  Lots of dogs with their owners exercising in the cool early morning sun.  

Back at Huw’s we had a long chat and then off to Bunnings to check out BBQ’s, and garden furniture.   

Then we drove in Mel’s car back to Medowie to catch up with Gaz and Vicky.  

In the afternoon we drove to Bennett’s Beach.  This is a wonderful place.  

Dexter had a great old time!  Refreshments in the pub in Tea Gardens, followed by a Macdonalds on the way home.  Then a quiet evening in front of the TV, and an early night.  

Xmas Day

A rude awakening at 06.30 by a text from Huw telling me Rick Parfit had died.  Not the best way to start the day.  

We set off to Huw’s mid morning after opening our presents with Gaz and Vicky, and opened some more, before setting off to Bagnall’s beach.  Dexter had a ball, and we lost a key!  We got back into Huw’s through a window.  

Then we had a superb BBQ, before a short fishing trip as the sun went down.  I managed to catch a couple of very small whiting and a toad fish.  

Then back to Huw and an early night.  It’s the longest I’ve lasted on Xmas day for years 

Xmas Eve.

It’s the day before Christmas the sun is shining and its 30 o C!  The last 48 hours have been a bit of a blur due to jet lag, but the fog in my head is starting to clear, even though Chris is still behind me as far as the lag is concerned.  

Gaz and Vicky have given us a superb welcome.  Dexter also seems pleased to see us.  We’ve also met up with Huw.  

Today we took Dexter for a walk to Stockton breakwater, but Chris stayed behind as she was too tired.  The beach next door is dog friendly, and it’ll be a great place to take Nefyn. 

In the evening we went over to Don and Ilona for a BBQ.  Nice and warm but a steady drizzle.  Just like Broadhaven in summer!   A great way to ease into Xmas.