So this is our new blog.  It is a work in progress so you may see changes over the coming weeks. We have archived our previous blogs – Mogs Travels & Elvie’s Year – and you can find them in the sub menus above.  All the previous posts will also show up in the archives under BLOG and posts can be searched for using the search function.

Since we first started Mogs Travels in 2007 life has changed somewhat.  We are well settled into retirement though we are travelling less. Our family has grown and now includes ….girls!! Wife/partners for the boys and grandchildren. Just to keep us busy LB & I will also be getting a puppy in July.  All posts will appear in the main blog but also can be accessed according to tags in the menus above.  For instance, if you just want to read about the dog, all posts relating to him will show above under his name, Madoc.  In addition we have a gallery which will show photos from the blog plus additional ones.

We aim to update at least weekly unless llife gets really boring! Enjoy the read!